BRING ON THE BLOOD: A cautionary tale with a happy ending: L. organic (and chlorine free) pads review

Good afternoon ladies. I assume if you are reading this, you are a lady, anyway. One that maybe bleeds out of your vagina once a month or so.

My condolences. It’s really the most regularly occurring bummer of being a woman — save for everyday sexism hooray!

Anyway, I was at Target not long ago and knew my period would be arriving in a few days, so I wandered to Pad Island to get My Usual when I happened across a new world of HIPSTER MENSTRUAL PADS. WHAAAAAT?

L Chlorine Free Hipster Pads

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An Unkindness of Ghosts

I’m back and I’m here with a book recommendation! While technically I did not buy this book to read it, I do plan to purchase a copy at some point. I borrowed it from my local library and a quick aside — SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY! Buy books from their book sales and donate money and volunteer because, hellooooo free books, audiobooks and music and virtually unlimited access to real, true information!

But now… I need to tell you about this amazing book I read at the end of 2017 — An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon. It was heartbreaking, it was dystopian, there was no a clean and happy ending — no. It was sci-fi, it was inclusive, it featured LBGTQ+ characters, it featured a neuroatypical lead and you know what? It was a really great story.


Our main protagonist is neuroatypical — likely autistic, though they never come out and say it. She thinks scientifically and very good at growing plants and making medicine from them. Her skills make her the first line of medical defense for the people who live in the lower decks of the HSS Matilda, a spaceship adrift in space seeking a kind of “promised land.”

The ship’s leaders rule with absolute power. A theocracy is thriving on board. The hierarchy of power is indisputable and those with a light skin tone are given preference over those without. Theo, the ship’s head doctor and friend to Aster, is an outlier to this hierarchy. (The relationship between Theo and Aster, though they take painstaking measures to ensure it’s seen as nothing but professional, is also an outlier.)

You see, not only is Theo non-binary (he* doesn’t feel that he fits any gender structure — Aster feels similarly), he’s also mixed race, but has risen to one of the highest ranks on the ship due to his abilities and genius.

The lower deck is where the “slums” are. The people here are poor and people of color. They do the dirty work that keeps the upper decks happy and fed… like working the fields and fueling the ship — a very dangerous job that typically causes early death.

Theo’s uncle comes to power and is, somehow, even more tyrannical than the leaders before him. He knows rebellion is brewing and so he does unspeakable things to squash an uprising. (I can’t give too much away here because I don’t want to spoil the story.)

When Aster learns that the journals her mother wrote before she died (under mysterious circumstances) are written in code, she sets out to decipher them. In the process she becomes an improbable leader of a resistance and a symbol of hope in hopeless times. She has the audacity to question authority to learn more, to progress, to be free… and I’m not going to lie, bad things happen.

At times, I felt hopeless for her. Other times, my heart ached for everyone around her. But this is a story about resisting tyranny and trying to be better, to lead people out of darkness to a more beautiful place.

The “promised land” cannot be found by leaders who force others down, keeping them in submission. It’s a beautiful, powerful story for people who are oppressed, it reminds its readers to be proactive — to do what we can to make the community around us more fair by questioning if there is a better or different way to operate.

It also reminded me that the oppressed have always been the ones fighting for the oppressed. Elevating these stories to a larger audience is important because they should not be fighting alone. They shouldn’t have to fight to be heard or be treated fairly in the first place.

Society should not place higher standards, stereotypes or more obstacles in front of a person because of skin tone, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class or gender identity. These aspects of a person’s life have nothing to do with who they are as a person, their talents or their worth as a fellow human being on this rotating rock we call home.

I gave it 5 well deserved stars. An excellent, new voice to read — especially for black history month.

rivers-solomon.jpgThe author, Rivers Solomon, lives in the UK. An Unkindness of Ghosts is their first novel and I can’t wait to read more. You can read a great interview with River on The Rumpus where they break down the race aspect of the story much more clearly than I ever could as a White Lady.ᵀᴹ

* I use “he” as the pronoun here because Theo generally presents as male in day-to-day life, embracing their true gender-identity only in very private moments. This is clearly due to the religiously conservative/fundamentalist nature of their oppression — a non-binary identity was taboo/dangerous. They lived with this constant gender performance that didn’t feel authentic, but happened to give them more authority and access to important locations in the ship — something Aster needed to learn more about her mom and to advance a rebellion.

Violently violet.

Hi all, it’s time for the next installment of Lipsense vs. Maybelline because, guess what, I bought Maybelline Matte Ink.

I should be insulted about how this purchase came along because my sister, who is aware that I am reviewing lip colors right now, was like “So, this maybelline stuff… I’ve heard it doesn’t budge” and I’m like, “yeah, I’ve blogged about the SuperStay Color… it works really well.”

But then I was curious because she said ANOTHER BLOGGER reviewed the Maybelline Matte Ink and said it was incredible so I thought, “okay, Brutus, I’ll go buy some and try it out too.”

And goodness, is it glorious. I was very excited to find out that they have a SUPER bright, wonderful, delightful purple lip color.

When it comes to lip color, I’m now in the “go big or go home” camp.

My purple lips, my new favorite color.

And let me tell you this stuff does not budge. I ate real ramen and a bunch of sushi and kimchi and a Japanese pizza and it still looked as perfect as when I applied it.


The color was beautiful the whole way through. I mean, I dabbed my mouth between bites instead of wiping. Wearing lip color turns you into a real lady, it turns out.

(Unless you’re drinking beer and eating nachos. In that case, you take your Wet ‘n Wild painted self to the restroom and remove the color before you look like a total fool. Preferably before the crazy drunk women find and corner you to tell you what a fast pee-er they are.)

This was my lips at the end of the day, post-eating, before I literally scraped the color off my lips with my tiny fingernails.

So the pros?

This stuff is budge-proof in the truest sense. I have not tested it with grilled cheese sandwiches yet — but I haven’t found any budge proof color that stands up to butter/oil/grease. Standing up to ramen and sushi and pan friend japanese pizza, though? that’s probably the most abuse I’ve put any of the colors through and it stayed on through it all.

It also is strangely moisturizing? Not in the sense that it will cure your chapped lips, per se, but it’s not super drying and, about midway through the day, I feel like it’s legit trapping moisture inside my lip skin.

The cons?

This is kinda sticky for a good few minutes. Like I wasn’t sure if it needed to dry because it wasn’t drying and it was pasting my lips together. It’s sticky, but it doesn’t come off.

As much as I love the budge-proofness of this stuff, this is even more impossible to remove at the end of the day than the SuperStay… at least with conventional removal methods like soap and water.

Again, Maybelline is not cruelty-free because they test on animals. They, like most companies, blame this on China but we can all agree that if they were really against animal testing, they could pull their products from China. Corporate greed keeps them there.


I’ll leave you with this small caveat. This lip color may turn you into a cat person. As in they will flock to your beautiful colored lips with curiosity and wonder. They are trying to figure out if you’re a witch. Let them assume you are so they will do all the spying and conniving for you.

That’s how familiars work, right?

I scream, you scream we all scream for meundies.

It’s a blog about underthings again! This time, it’s about Los Angeles-based meundies.

Meundies’ main mission is to create ‘softer-than-soft’ underwear. They do this by making their undies out of “Lenzing MicroModal,” which is (according to their website) sustainably sourced from beechwood trees.

I will tell you that these underwear are the softer pair I own. So soft that I feel like they don’t hold their shape very well throughout the day or hug my curves in any flattering way. Though I feel that my size is technically correct, if I buy again I would like to size down to see if if feels more supportive. Or I might try a different cut. The cheeky cut which are more like boy shorts, might be a little too much coverage.

In other words, by the end of the day, my crotch felt saggy. (See below… not my photo, but a good demo on how I feel by evening.)

But the reason I bought meundies is because they seem to care about the people who sew their underoos. They claim to partner with factories that pay fair wages, protect the environment and make high quality products. Every factory they partner with also offer additional perks like free English classes and programs for women dealing with business arms finance. They also audit their factories multiple times a year to ensure they’re still following these guidelines.

And these underoos are definitely well sewn. The band is wonderfully substantial, the fabric is super soft, but not too thin. They have a lot of great patterns, which is a plus.

But saggy crotch.

On the other hand, it’s delightful to see “plus sized” models online… though they’re not actually plus sized by normal people standards. I’ll take every bit of belly I can get.

Overall, I’m not disappointed with my purchase, they just didn’t fit as well as I want. I like my underwear to hug my body and these felt too loose.

I might buy again, but I’m not in a hurry. I’ll definitely try another cut. There are other ethical underwear makers that have wowed me more. Pact Apparel is up next and is probably my very favorite.

Blue Jeans.

I had to make a jean purchase recently. While I can’t say that Gap has the best history in the production of clothing.

(Factory conditions are only now improving because people are paying attention to how their clothes are made… kind of. Gap claims to be continually making strides towards better conditions.)

But this purchase coincided with a school assignment about blue jeans. Did you know Gap started as a vinyl records and Levi store? True story! They use to be “anti-establishment.” Can you think of anything more establishment than Gap?

Jeans have a complicated and weird relationship with the working class. Essentially, everyone wants to be seen as working class but no one wants to be working class… because it’s a lot of hard work without a lot of financial compensation. So, you wear jeans until they have holes in them because you literally cannot afford to buy a new pair of jeans… so you patch them.

And then you see some fucking rich bastard walk down the street in fake “working class” denim with holes designed to be in them. I get why old people are so crotchety about this “designer denim.” MAKE YOUR OWN HOLES BY WORKING AND THEN WE’LL TALK.

But on a lighter note, the documentary I had to watch talks about Bruce Springsteen’s ass so, without further ado. Blue jeans.

springsteen ass

The two pair of jeans I bought do not have designed holes in them. They are “jeggings,” and so they do not wear as well as actual, non-stretchy denim, but I can breathe in them.

I will most definitely develop my own holes… between my thighs from chub rub… in probably 6 months.

I’m a little damp and unruly.

This weekend, I’m going to review Wet ‘n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit! I bought the Missy & Fierce because apparently I, like, do red lips now. I don’t really understand the name of the color, but it’s a real pretty, bold red.

I had a lot of impostor syndrome this first day because I’m not a red lipped kinda gal, am I? Turns out I am. I really like a red lip. I will now slowly buy every shade created.

Wet ‘n Wild doesn’t necessarily market this as a budge-proof lip color. They refer to it as long-lasting, not budge or smudge proof. This means they are not liars.

Though I have it on good authority that many people do not experience color transfer from this matte lip color, I will tell you that I did. I had a few smudges on the couple of days I wore it, but nothing major. I also had a lot more color transfer to my coffee lid than I’ve had with other brands.

Here you can see the little bit of wear on the inside of my lips by the end of the day. You can also see what my coffee mug looked like by noon. Definitely not a budge-proof as other products I’ve used, but also not a total mess. MUCH more color stayed on my lips than came off.

But, this is the real crazy part, the color also stayed on my lips! It was very long lasting. It got through my first day of rigorous testing looking pretty okay. The color wasn’t perfect, it wore off along my water line, but I did not look like a monster, even though I refused to touch up the color at all.

I felt a little like a beat up alley cat with a snaggle tooth by the end of the work day, but I touched this up in under 30 seconds with two swipes.

Despite the color transfer, I do like this product for a variety of reasons.

1 – It’s cruelty free! Yes, that’s right. Wet ‘n Wild does not test on animals and proudly prints this information on their makeup. Kudos, gold star, high fives all around.

2 – It’s very inexpensive. For just $5, I got a color that essentially stayed on my lips all day.

3 – That wear off? It’s really easy to touch this stuff up. You just find a mirror, apply where the color is thin and that’s it. This is a ONE STEP color.


As for its staying power, event though it wasn’t as budge-proof as the Maybelline SuperStay 24 has been, it’s pretty freaking amazing.

An example: We had a work lunch on Thursday at a Mexican restaurant. This stuff survived tortilla chips, deep fried Chicken Flautas and the shoveling into my mouth of guac. I did touch up after eating, but I wouldn’t have absolutely had to.

Not my actual plate, but it looked something like this but SMOTHERED in cheese.

I think the staying power comes from the fact that the color has the consistency of light and airy oil sticks. You know, the artist tools of concentrated oil paint color in crayon form? But much lighter and more breathable.

Maybe the oil stick consistency helped trap in some moisture. For matte color, my lips felt pretty good all day. Much better than they feel in Lipsense and the Covergirl Outlast (which I have not reviewed yet).

My final verdict? I will be buying more of these. I like that they’re not tested on animals and the price ($4.99) is pretty nice. They have a limited color line, but they’re all very fun. The wear was comparable to the wear I got from Lipsense, but with more color transfer. I don’t really mind a little color transfer as long as my lips still look fine and they did. The touch-ups were super easy, unlike the Lipsense process, so that was really really nice.

This is a very respectable option if you’re looking for cruelty free lip color that will last nearly all day. (I mean, it survived greasy Mexican food.) Or pick some up if you’re just looking for some cheap color to play around with.


This is the final countdown: Lipsense or Maybelline?

Alright folks, the showdown!

We’ll start with Maybelline since it’s the first review I wrote on the topic.

This shit doesn’t want to come off.

Listen, if you’re looking for pure staying power, Maybelline wins by a landslide.

When I bought the tube, I had a hard time finding oil based make up remover, so I asked the Ulta expert whether The Neutrogena bar would work since it takes off Lipsense and she was all…

If it takes Lipsense off, you’re good. That stuff stays on forever. – Ulta makeup seller

Guess what! She was wrong.

The glycerin based Neutrogena will take Maybelline off of you use a LOT of elbow grease. My lips were very exfoliated by the end of the weeks.

So what takes it off easily? Butter.

I assume that any oil will remove it. So perhaps coconut oil would be a less weird way to take it off at the end of the day. I only discovered the butter thing by eating a grilled cheese sandwich.

Both Maybelline and Lipsense had some problems with the “water line” losing color before the rest of the lip, but it was slightly more noticeable with the Lipsense. The key to make the water line color last longer is to dry your lips as usual and then dry them even more to the point that it is super uncomfortable and you literally feel like your skin will crack if you don’t get balm or gloss on them immediately.

If you look real close, you can see some of the water line fading of the Super Stay 24. The color is over all still very strong. I believe this was after lunch… and a chips and salsa snack.


What’s in the pro column of Super Stay 24?

  • It stays on. Like stubbornly. Like I wore it overnight and put lip balm over it and still had to scrub like hell to remove it in the morning.
  • Super easy application. It’s a two step process. You put the color on, let it dry for 2 minutes (dry your hair or put your eye makeup on or something) and apply the balm. Since it doesn’t dry, like, instantly, you can wipe mistakes away before it sets pretty easily.
  • A good number of colors and you can see them in person at your local drugstore.
  • The balm is NOT sticky and will absorb nicely into your lips. No weird goopy build up from constant gloss application.
  • This was very cost effective and easy to find. I bought mine at Ulta for full price ($10.49). You can find it cheaper at Target ($8.99). It required no touch up (unless a faded water line really bums you out) all day.

The cons?

  • Turns out Maybelline (and many other drugstore brands) is still tested on animals, which bums me out quite a bit. Can’t we all move past animal testing now, please?
  • You can’t expect to eat buttery food without your color getting real weird. (Though I have a feeling this is also true for Lipsense considering the Neutrogena bar takes that RIGHT off.)
  • It’s very difficult to remove when you actually want to remove it. Just scrub with a washcloth as enjoy the exfoliation.

Honestly, on a does it work basis, I LOVED Maybelline. I am pretty bummed that they test on animals. But I just bought some Wet ‘n Wild today and that is not tested on animals! I’ll be reviewing that soon.

Again, the color is mostly strong, but the Lipsense seems to fade out more at the water line than the Super Stay, so much so that I tried to touch up at a red light… which does not afford the time to shake the tube, wipe the color, apply the color, let it dry, apply the color, let it dry, apply the color, let it dry and regloss. I don’t know why I thought I would even try after typing that out.

So what about Lipsense? What are the pros?

  • Lipsense is not tested on animals, so if those cute furry babies are high on your priority list, Lipsense is not tested on animals.
  • The colors can be layered to make a slew of different colors — so you can get pretty creative if you buy a few colors to start with.
  • Lipsense had the least amount of flaking off (though my water line faded the most with Lipsense vs the Super Stay).
  • Easy to remove at the end of the day. Just wet a neutrogena bar, wipe it across your lips, rub it around and wash it right off. (The glycerin is apparently the magic ingredient.)

And the cons?

  • Application is a fucking bitch. (Sorry, language, I know.) The color is so thin, so I can never get a coat on evenly. If the continuation of the world hung in the balance of me applying a layer smoothly, we would all be dead.
  • It dries so quickly that it’s hard to fix tiny mistake before they become “permanent.” I hate that you need a $10 remover to fix it, so I takea Neutrogena soaked q-tip to mistakes. Not ideal, but I’ll be damned if I spend $55 to get started with a single lip color.
  • Hella expensive ($25 a color, $20 a gloss, $10 remover), but if you’re already buying fancy lipstick, then this will not phase you. I skipped the oops remover because I am not Ms. Moneybags. $45 is about half my weekly grocery budget.
  • It takes 4 steps to apply… and you have to shake it before applying. This means application takes longer than the Super Stay. It also means that touch ups cannot be done in the span of a red light.
  • It tastes bitter? I was told applying more gloss helps with that, so I did that today and got gloppy, gross, sticky goo lips. So sticky, so blegh. (Gloss boogs. Boss boogs?)

The bitterness made me worry about Nolly kissing my face too, which isn’t my style — I like to have free Nolly kisses any time she gives them.

Which is the winner?

Personally I liked the Maybelline better because of the easier application process, the balm (rather than gloss), and the price point.

I also found it more durable during my test run. The rule I used was: No touch ups for at least the first day of testing. I honestly didn’t feel the need to touch up with Super Stay, but did feel the need with Lipsense.

If animal testing is a huge no-go for you, the Lipsense does have some incredible staying power compared to conventional lip color. I wish they’d come out with a balm that could be used over their color, but that’s not in their line right now. The matte gloss I got is not very moisturizing, but at least it’s not glossy lip glue… unless you reapply frequently to get rid of the bitter taste of beauty. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Next up: Wet ‘n Wild and Covergirl!


That said, I’m very excited to try the Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Catsuit because they do not test on animals and it only costs $4.99 a tube. I also picked up Covergirl’s Outlast on the recommendation of a friend, but Covergirl tests on animals, so that’ll go in the con column by default.

Lipsense vs. Maybelline

Last week I wore Maybelline all week. I skipped Friday because I knew I was going to eat grilled cheese for lunch and butter, it turns out, is the quickest way to remove Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Color.

I digress, this week was Lipsense turn! I has passed the coffee drinking test and the kiss proof test. (Matt likes the Mattw gloss best because it’s not sticky like glue. I like it best too. More on that later.)

No color transfer. Kiss proof. 👍🏻


Now here’s my first impression.

Application is stressful.

The application process requires 3 layers with 10-15 seconds of drying in between. You are supposed to swipe ONLY ONCE per layer, not going over the color you just applied until it’s dry.

I have not successfully done this all week.

The color is thin.

I’m sure this is on purpose. The layers of color build over the course of the three layers to produce a full blow, final color. The way this is supposed to work is the top layer gets the most abuse, the second layer is protected by the top and the first layer protects the second layer from interacting with your lip PH balance or something.

Essentially you’re applying a base coat, two layers of wearable color and then topping it with a top coat (your gloss).

My issue with the thinness is that I cannot, for the life of me, get a non-spotchy coat on. Not a huge deal since you have 3 layers (plus a final touch up layer) to get it right.

The color is… bitter?

This is apparently normal and a by product of the lab-grade alcohol concoction the color particles are suspended in. Glossing (apparently constantly) is your way around this. The bitterness makes me nervous about Nollybear kissing my face, though.

Tell me that you could deny this sweetheart face kisses! It’s impossible.

However, the color definitely lasts MUCH longer than typical lipstick or gloss. It does that well. The final color is pretty cute. (I bought Honey Rose… it’s a nice, warm fall color.)

I also should mention that there are guides to creating MAC lipstick colors by layering different Lipsense colors. I have not tested this myself, because I am not a lipstick wearer, but Pinterest has recipes, if you will.

Over all, the application process is not as easy as the Maybelline, which is basically the same as applying normal gloss. There are 4 steps (3 layers, one gloss) vs the two step process of the Maybelline.

I’ve also been worried about conjuring a demon by going over the color of my first layer before it’s dry in an attempt to get an even layer of color. 👹

Stay tuned for the final match up review!

Lipsense has proven to be a formidable opponent. Definitely much longer lasting that typical lipstick or gloss.

the candi factory: The time I bought underwear because Justin Trudeau’s face is on them

Yes, this blog all started as a way for me to review the many underwear I bought in an attempt to find ethically sourced or small business made underthings.

Let me tell you all right now, you need to take your American dollars and give them to the candi factory in Toronto.


Not just because they make underwear with J. Trudeau’s face on them, although it might be a nice selling point. No, you should give them your underthings money because THESE UNDERWEAR ARE SO FREAKIN’ COMFY!

First thing’s first. I usually run away from white underwear. It is literally the worst idea in the world. Like, have you ever WORN white underwear?

They get un-white after a few wears and then you feel like a crudball every time you put them on just because, you know, your vagina is a self-cleaning machine and its trash water gets dispelled into your underwear.

Just being real here.

the candi factory, though? They have your back! These white underwear are made with a black gusset. When I saw this, you have no idea how genius I thought this was. I think I talked about it for a solid 10 minutes to my boyfriend who just… really didn’t care because he’s never considered what a bad idea white underwear is.


Now, I will not lie, these are not the most flattering underwear I own, though they are worlds cuter than the nude Boody pair I reviewed a few weeks ago. The black trim around the legs visually cuts off my thick thighs, but whatever… I have thick thighs and I’ve come to terms with that in middle school.

These underwear are also MAGIC because they don’t ride up your butt crack! Wedgy underwear is the worst and these are not wedgy givers.

If I manage to get my finances back on track (long story short: our AC wasn’t working all summer resulting in a total of about $900 in electric bill over the course of 3 summer months), I’ll be buying seamless underwear from the candi factory too. I think I might be a Canadian underwear convert, though.

Are all underwear made in Canada this ridiculously comfortable? Is this why Canadians have a reputation for being so friendly? Their underthings aren’t bunching up so they’re just… happier? I might be onto something here.

A+, 5 out of 5 stars, will purchase again. (They still have Trudeau’s face available. I recommend buying a pair if they have your size.)

Maybelline v. Lipsense

My sister recently had a Lipsense party and I was pushed into purchasing some lip color for and an additional gloss. It cost $40.50 because the party had some built in perks but FORTY DOLLARS FOR LIP COLOR AND GLOSS? I live on a shoestring budget (this was my splurge for the next month or two), so I thought… hey, why don’t I see if there are more affordable, easily accessible options for people who don’t like to spent half their grocery budget on one color and a gloss?

I got the color on the right, Continuous Coral, since it was a real color and not a neutral so that the comparison would be fair. My Lipsense color is Honey Rose and I do not have it in my possession quite yet.

A while back, a friend of mine talked me out of buying Lipsense by suggesting I try Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Color. I am not a lipstick user, so I was like “yeah, sound like a much more affordable option” and then proceeded to put it off until yesterday. After I had bought my first tube of Lipsense.

Let me tell you my qualms about Lipsense. Their claim that the color binds to your lips on a “molecular level” sounds like snake oil, but okay. There are enough fervent converts turned consultants that it must stay on pretty well. No need to bring pseudo-science into it.

Essentially, the tiny color particles in the Lipsense are suspended in alcohol. You apply your three thin layers and the alcohol evaporates, leaving the tiny color particles behind in the grooves of your lip skin. That’s it!

Anyway, the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color is much thicker than Lipsense, but still must dry for 2 minutes before you apply the balm. I applied the gloss as you usually apply gloss — none of this “DO NOT GO OVER YOUR COLOR A SECOND TIME BEFORE IT DRIES OR THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE INTO GLITTER” nonsense — allow it to dry, and apply the balm. That’s it, you’re done.

I went over existing color before it was 100% dry and EVERYTHING IS FINE, GUYS! EVERYTHING IS FINE! And my lip color is even. (And because I put lipstick on, I also put mascara on. FANCY!)

I put two thin layers of the gloss on my lips, allowing it to dry somewhat between coats, dried my hair and then applied the balm. So much less stressful than my test application of Lipsense. (“NO! YOU CAN’T GO BACK OVER THE COLOR UNTIL IT DRIES!”)

So far this morning, the Maybelline color stayed on when I took a sip of water, leaving only balm behind. Pretty amazing for lip color you can buy at the drug store.

No color! Just balm. Glorious, non-sticky, non-glossy balm.

I’ll use this lip color until my Lipsense comes, in probably a week, to give it a fair shot regardless of how the rest of the day goes. I kissed my hand and NOTHING! So far it’s pretty “budge proof.”

While I think the tube will probably not last as long as a Lipsense tube, it’s less money up front for someone who might not be a daily lip color wearer or who might want to play around with different colors without spending their life’s savings on a collection.

i.e. I could have bought 4 Super Stay 24 Colors for the price of 1 Lipsense color + gloss.

Stay tuned for the full review. I’m pretty optimistic!